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Eatata is your self-trained self-operating front office staff.


It is beautiful, quick, efficient, and, at a minimum cost. It is your rush-hour hero, because it takes care everything from ordering to payment; all you need to focus on is preparing delicious food. It seamless integrates with your exisitng system, increases turn-over rate and brings happy customers. All in all, it helps you reach the ultimate goal: a better business. 




It takes less than a few seconds to send an order from customer to the kitchen, comparing to a few minutes traditionally.



Just contact us below to set up your free trial accounts. With our user friendly portal, you can upload pictures, edit menu items - don't worry, if you are not a computer person, we will do it for you - for free!



Eatata increases your servers efficiency, thus leaves them more time to interact with customers and a better attitude. Customers also experience quicker food deliverary, thus much higher satisfaction.



It is proven that food is delivered 25% quicker* during rush hours. On a busy day, you could have one or two extra round(s) from time saved.



No one is as transparent as us.

We don't charge up-front fee, at all. Our price is based on # of transactions.


We also offer iPad (mini or Air) leasing and in-house photographer at a discounted fee.



~ Customer Testimonial ~


"EATATA is just simple and elegant, and our customers love to see our menu with beatiful pictures right on their phones.

For our restaurant, it has minimized the time spent on taking and inputting orders to almost zero, allowing servers to focus on customer service. It is super easy to set up.

We will use EATATA on all of our exisiting and new stores in the future."  


                                                                                                                        - Bill, Partner at August 8 DimSum and Sushi

Contact us below to get more information.

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